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The Otherness

Import and supply high quality salts and food ingredients.

Ingredients are the heart of cooking, offer the best taste to your food as good as you like. but sometimes finding the right ingredients is time consuming and quite difficult especially if you have to order and import from abroad. We understand that difficulty very well.


The Otherness was established to facilitate the importation of the finest raw materials from all over the world for your convenient, you can choose easily and quickly just right away at your fingertip.


If you are looking for high quality ingredients, naturally produced that will create great flavor to your favorite dishes. You are at the right place. 


The Otherness. We are different.


Our Products

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Mineral salt from a specific region, not generally available, sometimes it may be necessary to dig deep into the mountains without the use of machines. As a result, those mineral salts cannot be produced in large scale compared to other sea salt.
It is truly like the crafting of salts.


Mineral Exotic Salts

Bolivian Rose® Andes Mountain Salt


Bolivian Rose® Andes Mountain Salt is a remarkable and rare mineral salt. Hand-mined from the Andes Mountains in Bolivia, this salt is rich in trace minerals that give each crystal their unique color, ranging from pastel peach tones to yellow-reds and coral shades. With a mild, balanced flavor and intriguing gradient of colors, Artisan® Bolivian Rose in beautiful and functional packaging options showcases a unique, authentic ingredient that will captivate consumers, whether in a restaurant serving South American cuisine or stocked in the spice aisle. 


All-natural salt is usually harvested from salt mines or by evaporating seawater. Mineral salt is sourced from ancient underground evaporated sea salt deposits found deep in the mountains. The distinctive colors, which typically vary from dark red to light pink, are from natural trace minerals in the salt, also giving it a more subtle flavor than sea salt. Himalayan pink salt is the most popular mineral salt, with Bolivian Rose from the Andes Mountain as a rarer variety.

Distinct Flavor & Flair

Fusion® Flavored Sea Salts

Fusion® all-naturally flavored salts by SaltWorks® are an innovative way to add flair to anything from everyday cooking to your food product. From the store shelf to the food processing manufacturer, these delicious salts will add a pop of salty flavor and natural color to any application. From spicy to savory, SaltWorks® uses their proprietary infusion process to naturally bond the real ingredient to each individual salt crystal. The result is a unique, consumer-friendly flavored sea salt, exclusively from SaltWorks®. Flavored salts are a deliciously easy way to infuse authentic taste and saltiness into any dish or product. Perfect for the grocery or specialty store shelf, restaurant kitchen, baker, chocolatier, and food processors and manufacturers, these inventive salts take dishes and snacks to a whole new level!

Made using one real ingredient and, using SaltWorks® proprietary techniques, bonding it to each salt crystal, these salts are all-natural and wildly popular with consumers and professional chefs alike. No bonding agents, additives, extracts or other artificial ingredients are ever used in the creation of SaltWorks Fusion® wholesale flavored salts. Impactful when used as a topping or in a spice blend, these salts will add flavor, color, texture and variety to steaks on the grill, chips and salted snacks, on top of chocolates & confections, and even in frozen desserts and entrées!

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Deep Flavor & Complex Aromas

SaltWorks Smoked Sea Salts


SaltWorks® innovative Perfect Smoke® Technology uses real wood hand-selected for superior flavor and aroma profiles, premium salts harvested from the world's cleanest oceans, and exclusive ultra-clean cold smoking techniques. SaltWorks® lot-coded, food-grade wood is debarked and custom-cut at a dedicated sawmill before it arrives at in-house smoking facility in Woodinville, WA, where it is kiln-dried and stored in a humidor set to the perfect humidity. level. To create a quality smoke flavor, SaltWorks® Smoked Sea Salts don't use liquid smoke, artificial flavors and colors, or other additives. The result is a delicious line of all-natural smoked sea salts that offers deep and smoky flavors, complex aromas, and beautiful colors. Smoked sea salts add a unique flavor to a wide range of dishes and are delicious for grilling or oven roasting—and an absolute must when cooking salmon! When you're considering a smoked sea salt, make sure that it is a naturally smoked salt and doesn't have liquid smoke flavoring added; this can create a bitter taste. Unlike artificially infused smoke-flavored salts, all SaltWorks Smoked salts are created using natural smoking methods.

They are slow-smoked in cold smokers over real wood fires to infuse the salt crystals with 100% natural smoke.

Smoked sea salts add an authentic smokehouse flavor to soups, salads, pasta, and sandwiches. Available in fine, coarse, and flake grain sizes.

Caviar of salts

Fleur De Sel (Flower of Salt)


This iconic hand-harvested salt from France is widely renowned as the finest finishing salt in existence. The gently textured, slightly moist crystals are treasured by top chefs worldwide. Fleur de Sel - the French flower of sea salt, is formed by sea water evaporated in clay lined ponds. It is hand-harvested using traditional methods.

While finishing salts are the premier salt varieties, Fleur de Sel is the crème de la crème of finishing salts. Fleur de Sel literally translates to "Flower of Salt" and is often called the "caviar of salts" by chefs worldwide. True Fleur de Sel comes from the Guérande region of the French Atlantic Coast and is made up of only "young" crystals that form naturally on the surface of salt evaporation ponds. Paludiers (the salt harvesters of the Guérande region) carefully rake the salt crystals using only wooden tools, true to traditional methods. The weather conditions must be just right to produce a good Fleur de Sel harvest, and the process can only be completed once a year, in the summer.

Also, similar to fine wine regions, different areas within Guérande produce salts with their own unique flavors and aroma profiles.

Fleur de Sel is ideal for salads, cooked fresh vegetables, and grilled meats.

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All Natural and Organic

Pure Ocean®  Premium Sea Salts


Solar evaporated Pure Ocean® Sea Salt is all natural and unrefined. Made white by the sun and sea, the sparkling crystals are collected from the salt ponds, carefully crushed and screened to size, and finally run through Optically Clean® technology in state-of-the-art facility of SaltWorks. These exclusive processes guarantee the purity of the salt, while protecting the unique characteristics of each grain, ensuring that SaltWorks can craft the most pristine all-natural sea salt on the market. Simple and pure with zero additives, allergens, or anti-caking agents, Pure Ocean offers consistent and balanced flavor and texture with every order. Available for wholesale, bulk & large volume orders, SaltWorks produce an extensive selection of grain sizes and packaging options specifically with the needs of  food service customers, manufacturers & wholesalers in mind, guaranteeing the ideal salt selection for any gourmet application.


The perfect replacement for your current refined salt or domestic sea salt, the dry, dense crystals can be used as an ingredient in recipes labeled "All Natural" and "Organic." Ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, from table top and spice blends to food processing and salt mills, SaltWorks® Pure Ocean is a simple upgrade that will make a big impact as consumers continue to make purchasing and dining decisions based on quality foods & ingredients.

Photo source: SaltWorks

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About Us

We believe that pure, natural and high quality ingredients simply taste better but sometimes it is difficult and take a lot of time to find high quality ingredients as we expect especially if you have to order and import from abroad.


The Otherness Company was established to assist ion this difficulty.  We are looking for high quality ingredients all around the world in order to import-export those  ingredients to serve people who love cooking, eating and care about your healthiness. 

We start our business because we understand that high quality ingredient can serve you superb dishes !


The Otherness Team

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