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Data Privacy Information

On this website, we use services (e.g. cookies, analytical and remarketing tools) from the following categories:

  • Technically necessary:

We use services from the "Technically necessary" category because they are technically required to provide the website or for a service requested by you. These services are always active.

  • Statistical analyses:

With services from the "Statistical analyses" category, we analyse the surfing and usage behaviour of users of our website, both statistically and across different websites and devices, in order to make our website more user-friendly and improve what we offer.

  • Marketing:

We use services from the "Marketing" category to adapt our services even better to your interests and show you advertising in line with your interests. To do so, we create individual profiles across different websites and devices (for example if you log in on multiple devices), which we supplement with data from other sources.

  • Additional functions:

With the implementation of "Additional functions," we offer you additional functions on our website. With these technologies from third-party providers, we are able to display content from other websites on our website in a user-friendly format.

In the "Statistical analyses," "Marketing," and "Additional functions" categories, we also use third-party providers (such as Google), who use your data for their own chosen purposes (for example profiling). The third-party providers may save your data outside the Thailand, for example in the USA. In this case, both the third-party provider and government authorities will have access to your data.

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