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Our Accolades

Industry Recognition

Best Customer Service

We can’t tell you how much the Best Customer Service award meant to our hardworking team of 10 employees. Every worker knows how much a good word matters when it comes to driving you to do an even better job and feel appreciated. This award was probably one of the most meaningful awards we have ever received.

Cheese at Market

Vendor of the Year

We can’t tell you how much winning the Vendor of the Year award has meant to us. Other than it being an incredible honor, it has pushed our employees to work even harder to guarantee the spot next year as well. Take a look at our certificate as well as the many others we’ve proudly received since our establishment in 2000.

In the Supermarket

Top Quality Goods

We were honored when they told us that we were chosen out of all the Food Products Supplier businesses in the greater San Francisco area to receive the Top Quality Goods award. Not only does it make us extremely proud of our hard work, but it also comes to prove to us as well as to our clients that our product quality simply can’t be denied. It really is just that yummy.

Fresh Produce
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